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Turf Grass Field Day

Turf Grass Field Day and Equipment Exhibition.  11:30 Lunch and Industry Booth Exhibition.  1:00 Shotgun at Trysting Tree Golf Course and  6:00 Dinner at Trysting Tree Golf Course.


Vegetable Field Tour

Tour at the Hot Depth Vegetable Research Farm…

CAS Fall Kickoff

College of Agricultural Sciences Fall Kickoff for the new academic year.  Gelato will be served on the west side of Strand Agriculture Hall facing the MU Quad.  CAS students, faculty…
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Dan's Observations

Spring 2015

Being intentionally equitable, inclusive, open, and civil

Last year, we rolled out a Strategic Intent for the College of Agricultural Sciences, a compass to help steer the college toward greater excellence. In addition to teaching, research, and engagement, we identified equity, inclusion, and civil discourse as fundamental to our mission. 

OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences is a community of students, faculty, and stakeholders who represent differences of opinion, background, and experience. We embrace those differences. They make us more capable and more creative as we tackle some of the most difficult problems of society.

In the last four years, the College has more than doubled enrollment of underrepresented students. Our students are passionate about making a better world. Some are working to increase food production while protecting soil and water. Others are working to rid the world of debilitating disease and unseen pollutants. Still others are exploring nature’s clockwork, from molecules to whales. Their career interests are as diverse as their family backgrounds. 

Our faculty are among the best in the world. And they come to us from all over the world, bringing with them the diverse experiences of global citizens.

Our stakeholders are people from all across the state, from industry, agencies, and environmental groups. They contribute in different ways, with different perspectives, and often with different opinions. But they agree, we all agree, that it is only through our differences that we will find our most creative solutions. By being intentionally equitable, inclusive, open, and civil, we will find our most strategic direction forward.

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In the News

4-H kids to display their sewing skills in fashion show at Oregon State Fair

Aug 21, 2015
OSU News Release

Wildlife ecologist working on teaching conservation in Africa

Aug 11, 2015
Wildlife ecologist Sue Haig was in Namibia when Cecil the lion was killed in nearby Zimbabwe - an event that became a teachable moment for her and 35 African students in her wildlife class.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

OSU ranked third nationally in best places to study natural resources

Aug 11, 2015

OSU’s statewide programs meet more needs with legislature’s support

Aug 10, 2015
OSU News Release

Researchers studying Oregon’s “resident population” of gray whales

Aug 4, 2015
OSU researchers are studying Oregon's population of 200 "resident" gray whales that hang out off the coast throughout the summer.… Read full story.
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